Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kickstart This! In Between The Seams

Back in November, I shared a link on social media to story about an amazing all-female dance group out of Oakland, California, that is breaking down barriers and creating a place for women and girls in street dance beyond that of eye candy.
[F]or Oakland-based Jenay Anolin and Samara Atkins, both classically trained dancers who later fell in love with street dance, the options for women felt limiting. The pair met at a dance audition in 2008, and "in a lot of the groups that we were seeing, there was a heavy focus on the objectification of women," Anolin tells KQED Arts.

I've been following Mix'd Ingrdnts since then. I am in love with their mission to use dance as a way to inspire women to reach further, try harder, be more. And because they're based out of Oakland, it's almost natural that they'd also use their work to foster a stronger sense of community.
Mix’d Ingrdnts exists to empower women to express themselves and to hold platforms to help facilitate the community speaking up and out for the greater good. Mix’d also strives to empower youth through knowledge and dance in order to impact their lives so that they can impact others and their communities.

So it should be no surprise I was thrilled see their Kickstarter for their full length show In Between The Seams: Healing through Connection & Movement. It might be a stretch for someone who doesn't live in the area to consider backing this project, but I want to strongly encourage you to keep in mind how important it is to women all around the world to see the success of projects like this. We live in a highly connected world. It is this very sense of connection that Mix'd Ingrdnts wants to highlight in their show.
Connection is real. Whether it's seen our unseen. Connection is that invisible thread that we have with one another.
I couldn't agree more.

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