Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kickstart This! Comics Edition

I went looking for a great crowd funding project to share with you today, but instead found soooo many I had to lump them all together into their own list posts. Here's the post of all the awesome comics and graphic novels that are looking for a little support. Each is the project of creative and clever women, and each features smart, brave, and seriously kickass women.  Give these projects a look, and maybe even pick one or three to back.

Sirenne Sisters Investigation by Stone and KaaChan, is a mad cap adventure through Victorian steam punk mysteries and chilling tales of horror with the Sirenne Sisters!
And that's where the Sirenne Sisters Investigation team comes in! A group of specialists in the world of of the Paranormal, here at your service! Composed of three Sisters; the eldest sister, Victoria, is the strong and dependable force behind SSI. The youngest sister would be the chipper and charming, fashion-forward Catherine; and the middle sister Elizabeth, the gear-oriented mechanic of the group. Together, they protect mortals from the darkness that lurks in the unknown world that coincides with our own.

As a part of the Feminist publisher Zubaan Books, with The Goethe Institut, created a week-long workshop with a group of Indian women, to share their stories. The result was something remarkable.
Drawing the Line: A Comics Anthology by Indian Women, by Nicole Marie Burton, is a collection of 14 accounts of lived experience by women in India. Stories cover topics about gender, sexuality, harassment, coming of age, family, sisterhood, race, shadeism, class, and political struggle in a country that many in the West know little about, and understand even less.

Oath Anthology of New Heroes, by Audrey Redpath, is a queer superhero comic anthology by queer creators, creating representation we deserve in a book everyone can read.
Our heroes aren't cautionary tales. Stories in the anthology will empower unquestionably queer characters and creators, and saturate heroic plots and settings with new perspectives.

Big Brown Eyes is a collective composed of three sisters: Emily, Karis and Freya Lambert, aiming to launch their first 'zine at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair in October. Based on the artwork in their Kickstarter post, it looks like it will be a beautiful 'zine. I fully expect to see more by these creative young women in the future.
We will be showcasing our debut zine Beginnings, themed on creation, development and cycles, as well as our individual comics at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair 2015 on October 3rd.

Poizon: Lost Child Hardcover 20th Anniversary collection by Bad Girl Artwork looks like a pretty kickass comic.
Annique Talbot lives in Queen City in the year 2072 during a time of war between humans and demons, a war humanity is losing badly. In this time Razor is a force for evil and the bride of Lucifer's agent on earth Anvil. Taking the name Poizon she is a powerful psyonic she is able to form a bubble of energy around her as barrier physical objects cannot pass but the more pressure placed on it the more effort it takes to sustain. She also has a strong psychic ability and is able to communicate over time and space with desired targets. Important to the Razor story it was Poizon that tended to the fallen Razor after her battle with Stryke. She followed Razor into Limbo and tried to persuaded her to come back to earth to finish her work instead of finding the peace and rest she so longed for. Razor chose peace only to be dragged back to earth by other undead forces.

Strange Wit, by Katy Rex, is an original graphic novel about Jane Bowles, an incredible author, inspiring woman, and tortured mind.
Jane may have been marginalized by the cultural canon, but her contemporaries considered her “one of the finest modern writers” (John Ashberry), “the most important writer of prose fiction” (Tennessee Williams), and further, a “genius imp, [a] laughing, hilarious, tortured elf” (Truman Capote). Jane drank more than she wrote, worried more than she worked, and had more epically disastrous love affairs than completed books. By almost any measure, Jane led a fascinating life filled with literary giants and great adventure and I want to bring her story to life.

Jill Trent, Science Sleuth #2, by D.M. Higgins, is a modern re-awakening of the original Jill Trent, Science Sleuth from the mid-1940s, filled with stories of science, mystery, & adventure!
Now, more than 65 years later, we've brought Jill and Daisy back! Jill Trent, Science Sleuth #2 is a 28-page comic book featuring 3 all-new stories by 3 creative teams! By popular demand, these stories are slightly longer than those in Jill Trent #1 — a full 8 pages each! Each stand-alone story reimagines the Science Sleuths in a new way, including a range of racial and ethnic identities and time periods, from the 1940s to the not-too-distant future.
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